White Paper Process

Researchers are invited to submit proposals for the use of GSCID resources to generate genomic data sets that address scientific questions related to microorganisms or their invertebrate vectors of infectious diseases that are considered agents of bioterrorism or cause emerging or re-emerging infectious diseases and related strains or species. Guidelines and a template for these white paper proposals can be found here. GSCID personnel can provide guidance and assistance in preparation of white papers. To contact us or submit a white paper, please email gscid-info@som.umaryland.edu.

These sequencing projects are considered community resources and the data sets are valuable research resources to the community. In keeping with the community services provided by the program, Centers anticipate making the white papers available to the scientific community through the Centers’ websites. If necessary, we will work with white paper authors to make suitable versions and / or excerpts of the white papers available through the Centers’ websites.

Approved white paper projects are expected to adhere to NIAID Data and Reagent Sharing and Release Guidelines, which can be found here.

Approved White Paper Status Report